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A very different variety of hosting

OrganicHost℠ provides Earth-friendly green Web hosting, design, SEO, and social networking solutions. We cater to non-profits, socially conscious businesses, and of course, organic farmers, who receive one year of free hosting, on us!

We are the only green hosting provider to offer a full suite of solar, wind, carbon-neutral, and carbon-eating hosting options.

Carbon footprint of the Internet

And with over 24 years experience in the Internet industry, we know better than to compromise security, reliability, or performance. Our clients trust us because our solutions work!

Farmer carrying veggies and a server
Solar Web Hosting

Green Web Hosting

The Internet produces ridiculous amounts of CO2. More than the aviation industry, in fact. Bring your site over to greener pastures. We offer 100% solar, carbon offset, hybrid, and several other healthy cultivars.

OrganicHost Design & Consulting Services

We have designed and built hundreds of Web sites in every sector, from national NGO’s, universities, and international schools, down to Ma & Pa shops. Often our assistance is strategic… getting the right name, technology, or workflow.

Why Organic is Better

A water can suggesting love & care

Lots of Love

OrganicHost℠ green hosting is available on an invitation-only basis. This means each customer gets 100% of our love and attention.
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Farm Fresh Designs

Our designs are innovative, fresh, and light, for a low-carbon, CO2 reducing, healthy Web experience.
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Cultivated to Grow

We use best available technology to make sure your Web project is successful. Cloudflare, SSL, SSD, static IP’s, backups, monitoring, and more are included on most plans… free!

A green server
Farmer inspecting carbon offsetting tree seedlings
Our sites run on 40-95% renewable energy. The carbon we can’t eliminate, we sequester by protecting forests and planting saplings.

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We can help you make sure your Web project is successful while not contributing to climate change with excessive CO2.


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