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We have a diverse team with a full hay stack of talents, across a host of sectors and specialities, to grow your site just right. Some work in the barn and are a bit shy. Here are the folks that will walk down the lane to greet you!

“I think it was around 1998 and a friend asked me to help a small university go online. It turned out to be the only women’s college in Sudan, at a time the U.S. was bombing that country. It really struck me – the power of this medium to affect positive change, and the choices we have to be on the good side of change, to move the ball in the right direction, no matter how crazy the world might be.”

Core strengths

Internet Strategy

Online Advocacy

Green Hosting

WordPress & Divi

Mike DeHart

Boulder, Colorado

Mike has been designing and hosting websites since 1997. He’s built and hosted sites for national NGO’s including the AAG, Smithsonian Associates, and JTHG, and advised others including World Bank and National Geographic. He’s crafted, built, and provisioned online strategies for hundreds of environmental and conservation causes, and scores of businesses, schools, cafes, artists, and ma & pa shops. His online advocacy has been mentioned in the Washington Post, and tech he built in the 2000’s is still running strong.

Mike has several Internet firsts… launching the first site advocating the conservation of Machu Picchu in Peru, the first Buy Fresh Buy Local site in Virginia, and participating in the first edition of usability.gov. His passion remains helping nonprofits, startups, farmers, students… the underdogs looking for healthy tech on a low carbon diet.

His first 100% solar server powered up in 2007.

What’s in his perfect garden

White oaks, Eastern redbuds, English boxwoods, Persian star garlic, Wineberries (Rubus phoenicolasius)

Chloe Zhou

Shenzhen, China

Chloe worked as a senior marketing executive in Shanghai & Hong Kong prior to going Organic. She developed marketing and brand strategies for Fortune 500 companies including InterContinental Hotel Groups. After 6 years working in corporate, the 9 to 5 treadmill left her feeling unfulfilled. Leveraging her strong marketing background, she now assists others looking to expand their online presence and brand strategies, particularly with Chinese social media platforms. Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.


What’s in her perfect garden

Gingko, Bamboo, Sakura (Japanese cherry), Chinese scholar tree, Broccoli

“I’m a lifetime student, nature lover, music lover, goal achiever, and content creator. There are great opportunities in the digital economy, but there are also a lot of scams out there. I love helping people solve problems and thrive in this digital age.

Core strengths

Online Branding

Online Marketing

Chinese Social Media

“Mike and I work together so well that we intuitively know the details that the other is going to ask about…  what will make a project successful and what will potentially break it. There’s a level of trust and appreciation for doing things well that you don’t always find in this industry.”

Core strengths


Databases (SQL & Mysql)

JavaScript / AJAX



Network Computing

Farmer Chao

Shenzhen, China

Chao has over eight years experience as a system administrator managing server infrastructure and database applications across Linux and Windows platforms. He is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) able to build, implement, maintain and
troubleshoot complex enterprise networking infrastructures. He has done extensive custom programming projects and specializes in educational web-based content management system (CMS) solutions for schools. These have included student/teacher profile management, E-portfolios, purchases, inventory, tickets, enrollment, admissions, and parent conference scheduling. He studied computer science in Shenzhen and California; his Cisco Certifications are: Router & Switch and Server Provider. Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

What’s in his perfect garden

Chao's garden is an odd collection of RJ45's, 8P8C's, USB-C's, and old lunches. Kind of a work in progress?

Nick Rudnev

Reston, Virginia

Nick has over a decade of experience in front-end and back end Web development and IT systems support. Specialties include Website and app administration and support, Web design and development, and technical support (both on- and off-site). He has been responsible for the design, production, implementation, and support of various Web projects for the International Association of Fire Fighters, the U.S. Department of Labor and Department of Education, and has done Web-related projects for the United State Postal Service, and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)’s Globally Integrated Financial Tracking System (GIFTS) System. he has also managed Website / mobile app integrations for iOS and Android. He is fluent in English, Russian (ILR3), and Ukrainian (ILR3).


What’s in his perfect garden

Nick's perfect gardens are the pick-your-own farms across Loudoun and Fauquier Counties.


“When I met Mike I swear all he ever did was code and eat Orange Chicken. Right out of the box, cold, hunkered over a workstation. I was 15, so that’s a lot of Orange Chicken. I’m glad he’s found some balance… and some vegetables.”

Core strengths


App Integrations






“I rest easier knowing Dirtball is there, watching my site 24/7.”

Core strengths

Firewalls (WAF)



WordPress Integrity

Inodes & CPU Seconds

Uptime Monitoring

Dirtball the Chicken Bot

Poultris roboticus roboticus

Council Bluffs, Iowa & Eemshaven, Netherlands

Dirtball was our beloved domesticated rescue chicken. She had a hankering for potato chips, and offered a steady stream of eggs in return. Dirtball passed in an automobile accident in May 2020, but lives on as the frankenchicken that oversees all automation at OrganicHost. She is vigilant 24/7, monitoring server load, login attempts… always on the lookout for a bug or worm. She has my personal cell number, and if she emails you, please listen to what she has to say!

What’s in her perfect garden

Dirtball's perfect garden is full of potato chips, bugs, computer worms, and delicious little bots to devour.

What Our Clients Say

Mike and his team at OrganicHost made me an amazing website tailored to my educational company needs. Mike kept me informed throughout the process, giving me different perspectives on layout, design, visibility, domain names and much more. They are very detailed in their approach and I had several long meeting with Mike about how to improve other sides of my business. In short, OrganicHost is a professional web design company that cares and I highly recommend their web design services.

 - Fred, precislearning.com

“Mike is so helpful and he's so good at it and patient with me. I'm super grateful. Everything was rolling within a week... he's better than any service I've seen.”

 - Bruno, hopewithyou.org

“Mike has been great. The service he provides makes it easy for anyone who wants to get their own domain up and running. I love how simple, effective, and user friendly it is to create your own website. Also, any challenges that might pop up have been easily solved thanks to his knowledge and feedback. If you are still on the fence, do not worry. You are in great hands.”

 -John, fightgravity.org

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