Free Web Hosting for Organic Farmers

It all starts with food. Clean air, water, and organic food are all essential to a healthy life and a healthy planet.

So as long as we can, we’ll always offer free hosting to Organic farmers. To keep the lawyers at bay we’re going to say: “Sign up during 2020 and we’ll offer at least a year of free hosting.”


How it Works

Step 1: Sign Up for Free Hosting

Use the form below to apply. We will review your application and respond shortly.

Step 2: Enjoy your Free Hosting

We migrate and host your website for free. Choose 3, 6, or 12 months… whatever works for you, and cancel at any time.

You agree to let us monitor your site closely for performance and uptime.

Step 3: Cancel or Renew

If, at the end of your term, you are completely satisfied, simply renew your plan at our regular very affordable rates. That’s it! We’ll try to extend our freebie year to year, but we guarantee at least a year of free hosting.


Application Form for Organic Farmers

Get started today with free Web hosting! Availability is limited and based on the data provided below:

Interested in an OrganicHost Solution?

We can help you make sure your Web project is successful while not contributing to climate change with excessive CO2.


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