Low-Carbon Web Design

As Internet speeds increase, website designs have gotten bloated, burning excess energy on the web server and on the devices that view it. Our experience from the ancient dial-up days leaves us well suited to deliver low-carbon designs that look great while producing less CO2.

Typically, our clients need a little strategy, branding, SEO, or social media help too. Here again our decades of experience comes in handy, and we’re happy to offer a free consultation.  Have a gander at our team bios for more on our full hay stack of skills, or check out our freshest work below.

Case Studies

Seipp Brewing Co.

Relaunching a big brand on a small budget.

The Conrad Seipp Brewing Company has a long and storied history, and was once America’s largest brewery. Conrad Seipp’s direct descendant revived the brand, dusting off trademarks and tracing recipes back to 19th century Germany. We were delighted to be a part of this process, recreating and amplifying design elements without charging design agency prices. The online store and interactive “beer finder” map both have a playful tone that matches the brand.

Sentient Publications

Recovering a Site when WordPress goes South

The large WordPress ecosystem is both a blessing and a curse — this site definitely had some cursed demons in its code. We worked patiently with the publisher to recover data that had been lost inside long defunct plugins, rebuilding the site architecture and bulk mail lists, and updating somewhat complicated global shipping rules. The site also had to comply with Europe’s complex and evolving “cookie” policies. Most importantly, we stripped away unnecessary plugins, added much-needed security, and moved the site to our monitored hosting plan so problems don’t again arise.


Crossing the Great Chinese Firewall
nudepeche is a new brand with a cool mission — reclaiming water bottles that might otherwise end up in the ocean. Based in China, the company needed a site that loaded quickly there. We’ve been developing sites inside China for over ten years and know what technologies, like Google fonts, will block or slow down a site in China. Hosted at our Singapore data center and running a custom China-friendly WordPress theme, the site is also monitored by our staff on the ground in China.

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